Georgia Hejduková

Student Research Assistant - Faculty of Law, Charles University


About me

I am 24 years old and have always been taking care of the place. I live in. Therefore, I am continually trying to make the world a better place. As a human being, I should actively participate in improving my homeland and, if possible, try to change the world at least a bit. 

Whether it was collecting signatures for imprisoned activists in Russia, presentations about bullying in schools, collecting rubbish in Moravia or drafting educational articles about Czech history.

I was never the one in the corner when others were deprived of their rights, and I have always stood up for the values of openness, equality or freedom of opinions and thoughts.

During my life, I have done a variety of various jobs and activities. I have always been curious, which enabled me to achieve remarkable things despite numerous obstacles. Humans should explore and try as much as possible, especially early. 

I currently work at Czech NGO Frank Bold as a researcher and at Charles University, where I help the international department with its operations. I also occasionally work as a lecturer and help with the University PR. While studying, I focus on constitutional, international, and copyright law.

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